The Breath of the Compassionate

Studying sacred geometry and applying it to my art began seven years ago with the discovery of Michael Schneider's book "A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe".  His website is:   Michael's understanding of the mathematical archetypes of nature, art, and science have unleashed an appreciation for numbers in me that I frowned upon previously.  It has also allowed me to look at nature and see the continuity with numbers.  In his book, Schneider takes the reader on a voyage from one to ten explaining, demonstrating, and illustrating the magic of these numbers in art, life, and science.  

Even though I didn't fair too well in High School geometry, I began my geometric explorations with simple constructions initially and then applied them in some small way to my art as a message of the ancients' voices within the concept of each painting.  

Integrating the sacred geometry into my painting in a manner that worked beyond compositions became my challenge.  At first I used an element, such as the spiral, the pentagram, overlayed on imagery.  On a recent visit to Morocco I was so struck by the beauty of their culture everywhere.  It was in the timing of call to prayers, in the doorways within doorways, the fasting from dusk to dawn during Ramadan, and of course the beautiful tiles based on sacred geometry.  The infusion of the mystery of life I saw everywhere in Morocco, an aspect I pursue in my art work.

This led to the "Praying Dama" paintings ( see portfolio) and finally "The Breath of the Compassionate" painting.  Michael Schneider explains the breath of the compassionate symbolism as the contraction and expansion of infinite goodness.  Living near a expansive beach in Essaouira, Morocco, I thought of the ocean as that which contains all beings as one, the infinite. I took many photos of the shallow ocean over the sand, the patterns and the light reflections were endless.  The pattern for the breath of the compassionate is two overlayed squares at a 45 degree angle.  The square is symboloic of four, representing the earth and stability.  The double overlapping Islamic square pattern adds two fours together, adding up to the  number "8", which is directly related to the octave in music.  The Compassionate is the highest prouncable name of the 100 names of God in Islamic tradition.  Through this compassion, all life is created, maintained, dissolved, and renewed.  The interaction of the geometry for the breath of the compassionate with the ocean and beach in this painting released in me, and hopefully the viewer a sensation of the inhaling and exhaling, rising with the swell of the ocean.

Michael Schneider's book "Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe" can be bought from his website or from  In addtion to his book he has a series of workbooks for more in depth explanation into sacred geometry.

As a result of my interpretation of sacred geometry and painting, I've become a member of La Kasbah Gallerie in Essaouira, Morocco.


"The Breath of the Compassionate"

"The Breath of the Compassionate"